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Overview of Lewiston

Lewiston is a Class II Municipality that is located in and is the county seat of Fergus County. It is in the center of Montana with a population of 5,987. It is located southeast of Great Falls and northwest of Billings. Lewistown is an agricultural community in the vast Judith Basin. This town was planned in 1882 after the growth caused by the gold rush of 1880 and was incorporated in 1899. It was originally settled by the Blackfoot first nation people. Fort Lewis was established to protect travel routes in the area and the town was named after the fort. It also served as an important railroad location.

Lewiston’s Economy

The manufacturing industry and retail trade in Lewiston each account for 14% of the jobs. Finance and insurance as well as construction represent approximately 6% each. The sales tax is 6%. Over the last year, job growth has been 2.6 with the future job growth predicted to be 40% over the next 10 years, which is higher than the predicted national average.

Popular Activities in Lewiston

Lewiston offers several tourist spots for different types of tourists. It has local amenities including a city pool, trout hatchery, frog ponds and the East Fork reservoir. The Lewiston Civic Center provides services including rifle and archery ranges, basketball courts and a performing arts stage. Additionally after school programs include both indoor and outdoor activities including roller skating, and rentals of cross-country skiing equipment.

Education System

Education is important no matter what part of the world you live in. The Lewiston school district includes Garfield, Highland Park and Lewis and Clark Elementary schools. Also Lewiston Junior High and Fergus High School are served by the school district. The district also supports online learning programs for the students. It is also the home to Dawson Community College.

Art and Culture of Lewiston

A popular annual event is the Chokecherry Festival which has been celebrated for 24 years and includes culinary contests and other popular mini marathon events. Summer days are very warm with cool evenings, winter months can see substantial snowfall.

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